July 25, 2021

How at-risk is Ljay Newsome in the Rule-5 Draft? (Lookout Landing)

Judging by the comment sections, the past couple weeks have been an intrigue sandwich served on a couple slices of multi-grain frustration bread for Mariners fans. Kendall Graveman and Carl Edwards Jr. were easy moves to approve of – decent upside, low-cost pitchers. But yesterday was at least a mildly frustrating day. Domingo Santana was cut loose, likely for no return, joining a fleet of interesting but limited players in free agency as teams continue to show that they’ll pay for elite talent, but not for middling sorts. Non-tendering Santana may not have been the most cavalier move given how the rest of the league acted on Monday, but there’s a bit of agitation lingering on how the team is handling its talented players. Using a roster spot on 3B/1B/cOF Patrick Wisdom, while choosing not to add RHP Ljay Newsome to the 40-man roster before the Rule-5 Draft eligibility deadline a couple weeks ago, is the perfect baseball thing to be irate about in early December.

Neglecting Newsome is a risk by Seattle, hoping a team will not pull the trigger on a player with just 11 starts above High-A (and both in AAA as an emergency fill-in). Newsome’s numbers are impressive -…

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