July 25, 2021

Mariners non-tender Tim Beckham and Domingo Santana (Lookout Landing)

Today was the deadline for teams to tender offers to eligible players on their 40-man. For a complete explainer of who is eligible and how the process works, check out Tim’s article here. The Mariners non-tendered two players: one, as expected, was Tim Beckham, who still has 33 games left to serve on the eighty-game PED suspension he received last season and was projected to earn just under $3M for the season. The other, less expected, non-tender was OF Domingo Santana, projected to make somewhere between $3.75 – $4.4M this season. Apparently the Mariners floated Santana’s name in trades, but found no takers.

Santana is only 27, hit 21 homers in not even a full season last year, and had the highest hard hit rate of his career, so from the outside it seems odd a team planning to contend wouldn’t even be willing to give up a low-level fringe prospect to acquire his services. But consider that the Orioles just non-tendered Jonathan Villar, a four-win player at a premium position who is 28 years old and himself hit 24 homers last year. That suggests a sluggish trade market at best, and at worst, owners and front offices willing to wait through the non-tender deadline to…

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