July 25, 2021

San Francisco Giants news: non-tender Kevin Pillar, sign Alex Dickerson (McCovey Chronicles)

Kevin Pillar was not offered a contract by the Giants ahead of tonight’s deadline for arbitration eligible players. The deadline is a simple thing wherein a team says to an arbitration eligible player, “Here’s a generic contract. We’ll negotiate the numbers up to the arbitration hearing or else make our case to an arbitrator and pay you whatever’s ruled.”

Rather than negotiate with Pillar within the range of what he might seek — and receive — through an arbitration hearing — in the realm of $8-$10 million for 2020 — Scott Harris said, “No-kay, boomer” and sent this year’s Willie Mac Award winner into free agency.

There have been plenty of contract deadline posts written on this site and they’ve all been some variation of “I dunno, maybe?” with even mildly eyebrow raising borderline cases eliciting not much more than a shrug. That’s because non-tender cases neatly assort into three silos: sure thing, no way, could go either way. The Giants have spent the last twenty years offering extensions to or trading away the sure things long before they became ensiloed (it’s a word now) and avoiding being too dumb, organizationally, to plunge their…

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