July 28, 2021

Villar’s departure, meager return could be a sign of offseason to come for Orioles (Camden Chat)

The Orioles entered this offseason as sellers. As it turns out, however, they didn’t come with pieces to sell.

Or, put another way, no one is buying.

That’s the feeling after Jonathan Villar’s departure became official Monday, and one of the Orioles’ best players was dealt to Miami for a pretty weak return. Villar, who according to WAR was a top-15 middle infielder in the game, became a Marlin for Easton Lucas, a 23-year-old pitcher from Miami’s low-A Batavia team.

Lucas, and…that’s it.


Afraid so, and even if no one was under the impression that Villar would fetch any jewels from another team’s system, it still has to be disappointing for Mike Elias and the rest of the Orioles front office, as they were searching the league for a suitable return. After all, the whole concept of a rebuilding effort is that you trade your proven commodities, or most of them anyway. Your proven commodities become prospects that can help you later on. It’s hard to imagine Lucas, a former 14th-round pick, projects as someone who can play a big role in the team’s rejuvenation.

That’s not to fault Elias (unless you fault him for parting with Villar in the first place,…

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