July 25, 2021

Best Giants of the Decade: Buster Posey (McCovey Chronicles)

This month, as part of our decade retrospective, we’ll be taking a look at the players that we think were the best Giants of the decade. The Latos Grand Slam gif appears in 271 words.

We wanted Buster Posey before we knew his name. He is the dream prospect, the one who would emerge to solve all the team’s problems, become the face of the franchise, and return from battle with a title in hand. Our baseball soulmate we knew was out there but just weren’t lucky enough to find. And then we did and holy moly it has been an incredible ride.

Buster Posey is every team’s dream reward for four consecutive losing seasons: the best player on your team who becomes the face of your franchise. It didn’t take long for the rookie to become more than a ballplayer. He’s his own brand, and for a time, it seemed like the Giants were in the Buster Posey business more than they were his employer.

His final major league callup on May 29, 2010 changed the course of the franchise. He hit .305/.357/.505 in his rookie season and was the de facto cleanup hitter by season’s end. He stole second base late in the the clinching Game Four of the NLDS in 2010. (Yep. 100% stole it.) He had a…

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