July 25, 2021

Best Giants of the Decade: Hunter Pence (McCovey Chronicles)

Nate Schierholtz, Tommy Joseph, and Seth Rosin. That was the price the Giants paid to bring Hunter Pence to San Francisco in 2012. Combined, the three of them would be worth 0.3 fWAR from that point on. Hunter Pence, meanwhile, became a beloved Giant who made an All-Star team and won two World Series.

It is safe to say that the Giants won the Hunter Pence trade.

When you think of Hunter Pence, you think energy. Commitment. Full throated, wild eyed enthusiasm for everything he does, from playing baseball to reviewing coffee. He is in it, 100%, no questions asked, except maybe he’ll get curious what the it is that he’s in. Then before you answer, he’ll tell you it doesn’t matter, he trusts you, and he’s on board as long as you are.

We all remember the speeches in the 2012 playoffs, of course. Well, we don’t remember the speeches exactly — fans did not have the privilege of seeing them — but we remember hearing about them. Pence believed in every guy in that clubhouse, and he wasn’t giving up, and he wanted to see what Ryan Theriot was going to wear tomorrow. Despite our ears technically never hearing Hunter Pence address the team before Game 3 of the Division…

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