July 28, 2021

Boston Red Sox decade top moments: Terry Francona and Theo Epstein leave (Over the Monster)

It is now December in the year of our Aceves 2019, which means that everyone who is anyone is doing some sort of content creation to mark the end of the decade. It is horribly unoriginal, which I do not say derisively because I’m doing it too! It’s practically legally obligated! Anyway, I’m going to be counting down the top moments of the decade for the duration of the month. We’ll start with our honorable mentions in which I’ll put down my numbers 11-20 moments of the decade and then after that each of the top ten moments will have their own standalone post. This is all totally subjective (obviously), and it’s also specifically not the best moments. In other words, i’s not all good, though most of it is. Okay, that’s enough, right? I don’t need to explain the concept of a top moments of the decade series, right? You get it.

The 2011 season was the first season I started writing about baseball (although I think about three people read said writing, I was still publishing words), and it was a hell of a season to jump into. It started with the team being hyped as possibly the best ever assembled and ended with one of the biggest heartbreaks in the history of…

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