July 25, 2021

How much is too much for the Orioles to spend in free agency? (Camden Chat)

“And, like that, he’s gone.”

Jonathan Villar isn’t Keyser Soze, but just like that, he’s gone. The most valuable player from a team lacking valuable players? Gone. The Orioles best option at, not one, but two defensive positions? Gone. One of the few players that rate above average on a very below average team? Gone.

And hardly anyone was surprised.

By now, everyone around here understands the Orioles are in the early stages of a rebuild. They understand that the O’s will not be spending big money this offseason, and that they have little interest in any players that do not factor into Baltimore’s long term plan. Just in case you weren’t sure, Mike Elias and the organization provided another example with Villar.

The Orioles were eventually able to nab a former 14th-round pick in exchange for the 4-WAR player. I’m guessing not many knew Easton Lucas’s name before this week, but the O’s did. Elias said the Birds had an extensive file on Lucas prior to the 2019 draft, and while they liked what they saw, they clearly did not value him more than a 13th-round pick.

Whether Lucas will eventually contribute in Baltimore remains to be seen. The reality is…

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