July 26, 2021

Scanning the non-tenders for potential Diamondbacks in the rough (AZ Snakepit)

We’ve already covered the players on the Arizona Diamondbacks who won’t be around next year – or those who will unexpectedly still be wearing Sedona Red. But, of course, the other 29 teams in the majors went through the same process, and as a result. 53 other players beyond Steven Souza, Caleb Joseph and Taijuan Walker are now available. They can all sign with any team as free-agents. Might any of them be worth kicking the tires on, from a Diamondbacks’ perspective?

Generally, I’d say the Arizona infield looks more than adequately stocked, especially after the retention of Jake Lamb. While there are only two catchers on the 40-man roster, the team letting go of the relatively cheap Joseph seems to indicate they’ve no interest in paying anything more than league minimum for a third catcher next season. Elsewhere, after the additions for protection from the Rule 5 draft, the team now has ten infielders on the 40-man roster. Even if some are almost certainly not going to be seen in the majors, there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of depth. So, let’s concentrate on the other areas: outfield, bullpen and rotation. Because you can never have too much starting…

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