July 25, 2021

Should any non-tendered players be interesting to the Rays? (D Rays Bay)

The MLB non-tender deadline came and went on Monday, with the Rays non-tendering Guillermo Heredia while the rest of the league decided who they did and didn’t want to go to arbitration with.

The pool of players non-tendered now immediately enter free agency, where the open market will determine their value. This year in particular, the list of newly available players looks intriguing.

Most of the responses to this list has centered around the idea that a team composed solely of non-tendered players might compete for the playoffs — or at least not be terrible. That’s maybe going a bit too far, but there are certainly some names on the list who could have a role on competing teams.

As has been noted time and time again on DRaysBay this offseason, improving the Rays for 2020 is going to be a tough task, with the combination of solid depth, impending…

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