July 25, 2021

The Astros need rotation depth and Tanner Roark could fit the bill (The Crawfish Boxes)

The Astros are most likely losing Gerrit Cole in free agency. Zack Wheeler is presumably outside of the club’s price range. Signing Stephen Strasburg, at best, is a pipe dream. Unless club ownership is willing to expand the budget in a notable way, Houston is simply not in play for any of the top pitchers, much less any highly sought after free agent, out on the open market.

That said, the Astros are already in an enviable position when it comes to talent already under contract. Another run at the AL West title is still in play for 2020, although there isn’t a conceivable route to fully replace Cole’s contributions to the pitching staff over the last two seasons without largely eclipsing the collective bargaining threshold of $208 million. There is no way to gloss over the impact of Cole’s departure to a staff that was one of baseball’s best in the past two seasons. Instead, the Astros will likely need to find ways to improve roster without busting their own imposed budget constraints. The signings of Charlie Morton and Wade Miley to short term, low risk contracts stand out in recent memory.

For the Astros, quality depth is the theme of the offseason when it…

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