July 25, 2021

Wednesday Bantering: Bits of News and Rumors (Bluebird Banter)

All the Blue Jays rumors are about pitching, which is good, that’s what the team needs.

But Zack Wheeler is off the board.

The deal:

And the Braves signed Cole Hamels to a 1-year, $18 million contract. That was more than I thought he’d get but good on the Braves for going out to get him.

Jon Mororsi tells us that the Jays are being ‘incredibly aggressive in going after free agent starting pitchers.

Whether or not aggressive leads to successful is another question. They should have lots of money to spend, the trick will be to find the ones willing to join a rebuilding team. I’d think there are ones out there who would be willing to help build something in Toronto. Finding who they are will be the tough part.

They are talking to is Michael Pineda apparently:

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