July 25, 2021

What non-tendered relief pitchers might the Rays target? (D Rays Bay)

Monday was the Major League non-tender deadline, at which time teams have to decide which of their arbitration eligible and pre-arb players they will offer a contract to. The Rays non-tendered Guillermo Heredia, making him a free agent, and leaving them with 39 spots filled on their 40-man roster.

They probably need to sign an outfielder, so it’s not quite right to say that they have room to pick up a new player, but, in the procedural sense they do have room. Jim already went over some of the more well-known names, pointing out Blake Trenien as the best get of the bunch.

I’ve got a few other, more under the radar relievers to add to the list of potential adds, most of whom should be available at a low cost both in money and years. Think of this as the search for the next Oliver Drake — a pitcher who hadn’t been able to stick anywhere, until he came to Tampa Bay, improved his game, and ended up working high leverage in the playoffs.

Wei-Cheih Huang

My favorite of the bunch is Wei-Cheih Huang, a right-handed reliever non-tendered by the Rangers, who has only pitched 5.2 innings in the majors, and who struggled with walks last season in Triple-A.

The good news for…

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