July 26, 2021

Best Postseason Games: 2010 NLCS Game 6 (McCovey Chronicles)

If you’ve spent any time at all this decade reading or listening to famed internet commentator Grant Brisbee, then you know his Giants’ Butterfly Theory. If Brooks Conrad didn’t happen there would be no rings. If Buster Posey’s four-hit game in Game 4 didn’t happen… if Jonathan Sanchez’ triple didn’t happen… if Timmy’s lightning bolt opening act…

If if if.

If 2010 didn’t happen, would anything else have come after? It all hinged on the first victory, on 2010. And 2010 hinged on Game 6 and on taking down the mighty champion Phillies. As Giants fans we had been down this road, we were programmed to know what heartache lay ahead. And then… for once… that heartache just wasn’t waiting there at all.

Game 6 was the moment when the timeline might have shifted into an alternate reality — one with Biff Tannen buying the Dodgers and running them to 10 consecutive World Series championships (if I recall Doc Brown’s explanation of the Butterfly Theory correctly).

In the rush and flow of subsequent Giants’ history — the manifest destiny of bullshit to come — the stakes of that night in October 2010 may have become lost to us. But this was the…

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