July 28, 2021

Could Didi Gregorius still be a valuable member of the Yankees? (Pinstripe Alley)

Didi Gregorius arrived in New York the offseason after Derek Jeter retired with the task of being the man to replace him. After five seasons, we can come to the conclusion that he did as good a job as you could reasonably ask for.

His defense always graded out pretty well, but over the course of his time with the Yankees, his bat slowly developed to the point where he was a borderline All-Star. In his first season in pinstripes, he had a 89 wRC+ while hitting nine home runs in 155 games. In 2018, he tripled that home-run total in fewer games while putting up a 122 wRC+. Sure, the juiced ball and all that, but the improvements he made from classic, light-hitting shortstop to genuine middle-of-the-order bat were nothing short of impressive.

Now the years of team control and arbitration have come to an end, and the Yankees have a decision to make. Should they bring back Gregorius?

To start with the negatives, the big one going against him is that the Yankees have an in-house option who could take over the shortstop position. While Gleyber Torres has spent most of his time in the majors at second base, he came up through the minors at shortstop and has filled in for Gregorius…

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