July 24, 2021

Former Boston Red Sox coach Brian Bannister hired by the San Francisco Giants (Over the Monster)

Early on in this offseason, the Red Sox decided to move both Carl Willis and Brian Bannister out of the dugout. Both coaches were staying with the team, though, just in different roles. At least, that’s what we thought. Willis is still with Boston in the scouting department, but Bannister has found a new job. As first reported by Jon Morosi of MLB Network and FOX Sports, the former assistant pitching coach is moving on to become the new vice president of pitching development for the Giants.

Bannister had been with the Red Sox for five seasons now and had developed a strong reputation among pitchers with whom he dealt. The former major leaguer started strictly working with minor leaguers and he really first made his mark with Rich Hill. The lefty was with Pawtucket in 2015, Bannister’s first year with the club, and his career was resurrected in no small part due to Bannister’s work.

After that, the Red Sox asked Bannister to help out with the major-league club, too, and he was a big part of the rotation’s success for the next three years. That, of course, includes the 2018 season. Obviously, last season did not go as well. Bannister continued to work with minor…

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