July 25, 2021

Free agent catcher Jason Castro would be a wise investment for the Tigers (Bless You Boys)

Probably the most glaring omission the Detroit Tigers made last offseason was failing to add a veteran backstop after releasing James McCann. Early indications this year suggest that the club is determined not to neglect the catcher position again. Jason Castro will certainly have plenty of suitors, but if the Tigers are interested in setting the stage for their top prospects, he makes a lot of sense as a free agent target to pursue.

The rationale here is pretty simple. It doesn’t take much to improve on the 2019 Tigers at most positions, but nowhere more so than at catcher. Per FanGraphs, only the Texas Rangers were worse in the major leagues last year at the catcher position as the Tigers posted a negative 3.3 wins above replacement (fWAR). Any competent veteran catcher would be a major improvement.

Castro is a 32-year-old left-handed hitter who came up in the Houston Astros organization. He debuted back in 2010, and peaked in 2012, earning a reputation as a fine defender and field general, who could provide decent offensive performance to boot. The intervening years have seen him degrade a bit into a strict platoon candidate who struggles badly with left-handed…

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