July 28, 2021

LA Angels News: Home Sweet Home (Halos Heaven)


Merry Christmas, Anaheim! Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno did an unthinkable thing, one that certainly will raise a few eyebrows of consternation among his peers and with Rob Manfred. Moreno did not hold the citizens of Anaheim hostage. He did not manipulate the city leadership into handing over public money for his own benefit. He did not put future generations of taxpayers on the hook for massive debt so that he could make a bunch of bucks for his own family. And he did not lift his team and dash off to some other venue in some other city and leave Anaheim with some big square destined to become 10,000 more condos that nobody else in the county will care to even know about, much less visit and drop their coin.

I am still fuzzy about some things, but what we hear is that the stadium and what is left of the surrounding lot + The Grove space, all become the property of SRB Management LLC, of which Arte is a partner. For $325 million, 133 acres and everything that is on it is now Arte’s to do with what he wishes to pay to do. The part that I am not yet solid about (only because I have yet to read anything explicitly focused on this part) is where Arte…

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