July 26, 2021

Lookout Landing Podcast 93: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Spike Friedman (Lookout Landing)

Spike Friedman joins the podcast! It was great! Follow Spike on Twitter for a look into his brain, or on Instagram to see his dog Edgar Martinez Friedman.

0:00-11:45: Obviously, we start with some Kendall Graveman and Wally Joyner goss. As always, then we get into Spike’s entry point to Mariner fandom and reminisce about our favorite guys who weren’t actually very good. Then, somehow for the first time in this podcast series, we mourn the Ben Broussard trade.

11:50-25:15: A love letter to Bret Boone, one of the few people who was probably stoked to become a Mariner. How elderly dogs and pizza ovens became tentpoles of recent Mariner history. Jerry Dipoto may not be as accomplished as John Schneider, but at least he’s not a movie quote frat bro. Spike shares the story of moving away from the Northwest in 1995, a year in which things happened. How the Mariners’ rise mirrored that of grunge music.

25:20-34:40: The requisite Edgar Martinez appreciation chat. Spike’s highest volume of Mariner consumption did not coincide with wins, as it goes with this team. The same can sadly be said about our deposed king of pitching. We liken the final Félix game to the series…

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