July 28, 2021

MLB News: Zack Wheeler signs with the Phillies (Over the Monster)

Zack Wheeler signs with the Phillies

The top two free agents on the pitcher market — Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg — are still on the market, but we have seen the next tier of the market start to move a little bit. On Wednesday, likely the number three starting pitcher available in free agency this winter made his decision. Rumors had been heating up regarding Zack Wheeler for a couple days, and the Phillies were the ones who ended up signing the righty. He will make $118 million over five years.

Personally, I am not sure where all of the Wheeler love has come from lately. I understand the potential and I understand the market is flawed after those aforementioned top two, but Wheeler has yet to be anything but average and/or hurt throughout his career. To be fair, he has been healthy for a couple years now and the peripherals are trending up, but I’d rather see it before making this kind of commitment. The other side of this, of course, is that the Phillies have plenty of money and they are all-in on winning right now. They are the exact team that should be this aggressive on players in whom they believe.

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