July 24, 2021

Reports: Omar Narvaez to Brewers (Lookout Landing)

Because Jerry Dipoto hates sleep, it appears there is finally a landing spot for an Omar Narvaez trade, and that spot is the catching-starved and apparently impecunious Milwaukee Brewers:

The Brewers lost the Yasmani Grandal sweepstakes to the White Sox, who outbid the Brew Crew for the services of the best free agent catcher on the market. With catchers flying off the board, we identified the win-now Brewers as an ideal landing spot in a Narváez trade, second only in ideal homes to the Rockies, where the launch-angle-happy Narv would have been able to lift moonshots into the rarefied air of Coors. As such, he’ll have to settle for Miller Park and hopefully knocking Bernie Brewer off his giant home run slide.

We have documented Narváez’s defensive shortcomings extensively, but for any Brewers fans reading this (hi! hello!) who want the quick-and-dirty gist: Narv, to put it bluntly, sucks…

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