July 28, 2021

Voices of the Game, day 18: David Cone to Jim Palmer (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

It’s our penultimate edition of our countdown and starting with number five, we have nothing but Hall of Fame ballplayers the rest of the way.

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6. David Cone. New York Yankees. WAR: 61.6

The Lou Brock-for-Ernie Broglio trade might be the most famous example of a lopsided trade, but the Royals sending David Cone to the Mets for catcher Ed Hearn was far worse. Cone might not be in the Hall of Fame, but he has a better career WAR total than Brock by a lot.

The Royals took David Cone in the third round of the 1981 Draft out of high school in right in Kansas City. His trip through the minor leagues was slowed by a torn ACL in Spring Training in 1983 that caused him to miss that entire season. He finally made the majors in June of 1986 and he pitched 11 games out of the bullpen that year.

KC was just a year removed from their World Series-title winning team that offseason and they strongly felt that they needed an upgrade behind the plate, sending Cone to the defending World Series champion Mets for promising young catcher Ed Hearn….

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