July 26, 2021

Milwaukee Brewers free agent targets: Rick Porcello (Brew Crew Ball)

According to Eno Sarris, the Milwaukee Brewers are currently below league average at first base, left field, third base and in the starting rotation. With plenty of offseason in place, the Brewers have time to rectify many of these holes. There are a variety of ways a team can outplay projections. One such approach might be to sign a player coming off a bad season, but has demonstrated better performance in the past. With a huge need in the starting rotation, David Stearns might be able to find such a pitcher in Rick Porcello.

With Boston in 2019, Rick Porcello was not very good. Over 174.1 innings, he pitched to a 5.53 ERA (87 ERA+) and a 1.39 WHIP. 2019 was Porcello’s worst season in MLB by far in his career.

Porcello has been pitching in the league since 2009 when he broke in with the Detroit Tigers at the age of 20. Since that time, the veteran pitcher has put up solid middle-of-the-rotation performances year over year with a top-of-the-rotation performance during his Cy Young campaign of 2016. That alone makes Porcello valuable and a pitcher worth considering. Why else might he be enticing to Milwaukee?

He’s a reliable starter that can eat up innings


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