July 25, 2021

Updating the Top 100: Joey Votto (Red Reporter)

I have this long-ago memory from when I was a child, in which a group of us neighborhood kids were playing at a local park, back when kids played at local parks without parent supervision or structured activity. In the memory, a pair of teenagers began to fight each other on the other end of the park. Young boys being who they are, we all gravitated towards the end of the park where the fighting was happening, so as to get a better view. It didn’t take long before it was clear that one of the pugilists was far better at the craft of ass-kicking than the other, and I seem to remember that the more skilled fighter had beaten his opponent to the point of the defeated being on the ground with the victor perched on top of him, ready to unleash a final volley of ultimate humiliation. Before doing so, the stronger boy acknowledged his audience (us) and dramatically said that we should all leave, because things were about to get ugly.

Which brings us to Joey Votto.

Every time I do one of these player profiles, I start by looking at the basic stat line and wait until I see something that prompts a question. And then I look for other clues that might help answer that question. The…

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