July 24, 2021

MLB Will Propose Financial Plan To Players On Tuesday (MLB Trade Rumors)

There’s been an awful lot of debate surrounding the financials of a prospective 2020 MLB campaign, but the league has yet to issue a formal proposal to the MLB Players Association. That will finally take place on Tuesday, per Evan Drellich of The Athletic (via Twitter).

What isn’t yet known is just what sort of concept the league will ultimately put in front of the players. Prior talk of a 50/50 revenue-sharing plan for salaries was met with quite some angst from the labor perspective. That set off a round of bizarre debate regarding the meaning of the sides’ late-March preliminary agreement on resuming play in 2020.

The MLBPA position remains that the players have already agreed to a pro rata reduction of pay and shouldn’t be forced to give up more — unless, at least, the league comes forward with additional information demonstrating it would not be economically feasible to stage a season otherwise. The league side believes the original agreement really didn’t address the matter…

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