July 24, 2021

Vote: Best jersey design in Oakland A’s history (Athletics Nation)

A few weeks ago, I wrote an ode to Oakland A’s jerseys. They have one of the most unique and creative looks in all of sports, and decades ago they helped innovate the entire concept of designing vibrant and colorful uniforms.

But what do you picture when you close your eyes and think of an A’s jersey? Like any team, they’ve experimented with all kinds of different looks over the years, so there are lots to choose from. Do you like the classic home whites? The old gold sleeveless vests? The new kelly greens?

Let’s put it to a vote! I’ve collected 16 different Oakland A’s jersey designs and organized them into four brackets. We can vote on them as a community, and cut the bracket down until we’ve declared the Best Jersey In Oakland A’s History. The voting will be done in the style of the Community Prospect List, with a ballot in the comments section in which you “Rec” your favorites to cast your votes. In this post, we’ll pare from 16 options down to eight.

The four brackets are as follows:

  • Home Whites: modern whites, ‘80s Oakland print, ‘73 stripes, ‘68 kelly/white sleeveless
  • Gold Tops: ‘70s pullover, ‘70s monochrome, ‘70s sleeveless vest,…

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