July 25, 2021

Braves Flashback/Recap: May 23 – Talking Chop (Talking Chop)

Let’s keep the flashbacks going while sticking with our recent themes: (1) walkoffs; and (2) tormenting the Pirates. By 2017, both the Braves and the Pirates were back to being pretty bad. The Pirates had that nice three-season run from 2013-2015, but then fell back into a 70s win total in 2016, and things weren’t looking much better in 2017. The Braves were still stumbling around at that point, but that doesn’t mean these two teams couldn’t turn in an exciting game anyway. That’s baseball, after all.

The gist: Minor singleton run scoring forced the Braves to play from behind for most of the game. There was a three-hour rain delay in the top of the seventh, which segued int the Braves rallying off the Pittsburgh bullpen for two runs in the seventh to take their first lead. But then, Jim Johnson blew a save and turned a one-run lead into a one-run deficit, which stung up until the Braves scored two of their own thanks to big hits from lefty batters against lefty reliever Tony Watson to walk it off.

Box scores: Baseball-Reference, Fangraphs

The set-up: In 2017, with these two teams, there really wasn’t much of one. The Braves came into the game 19-23, in a fairly…

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