July 26, 2021

Can MLB and the MLBPA make a deal by June 1? (Purple Row)

No one spends a long weekend like ESPN’s Jeff Passan, who dropped a lengthy article this morning on negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA as they attempt to arrive at an agreement to bring back baseball in 2020. We know the owners will provide the union with an economic plan on Tuesday, but then what?

Here are the main takeaways.

Things have to happen quickly — If there is to be baseball in 2020, both sides will need to arrive at an agreement by the end of May or the first days of June. (That would be the end of next week, which is not much time.) The $170 million advance the players received ends on Sunday, May 31. Given that there’s a lack of trust on both sides, the negotiation will be challenging.

Money is an issue — As Passan writes:

MLB, which typically brings in more than $10 billion a year in revenue, is preparing for a fraction of that. Teams, whose cash flow typically comes from gate revenues, won’t reap any of that without fans in the stands. They want the players, who in a March deal with the league agreed to a significant pay cut — they’ll be paid a prorated portion of their salary depending on the number of games played — to take an even…

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