July 26, 2021

MLB Fan Poll: Comfort of a season restart (Over the Monster)

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We are back with another set of polls sent to baseball fans of all teams around the league. As one would imagine, this week’s has to do with the return to baseball, as that is really the only topic on hand for the sport right now as the players and owners still try to hammer out some details for said return. The league has sent over a long preliminary health code, to which the players sent back some notes. The real fight seems to be coming when the two sides negotiate the economics, though, and that will come next week. With all of that being said, we had some questions for you guys regarding a possible return with respect to the safety side of things, as well as your feelings on the commissioner.

Would you feel comfortable as a player returning this year?

This is one of those questions that’s easy to ask and answer from the outside, but as has been pointed out by many different players have different situations. If I am a younger, single…

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