July 24, 2021

More of the same: talks to begin season continue (Let’s Go Tribe)

The players have submitted a response to the owners, but it appears to represent little actual progress. MLB has indicated that they will respond on Tuesday. Meanwhile, MLB.com distracts fans with imaginary tournaments and the Indians challenge you to find the picture of Nicolas Cage in the lineup card. Plus, another set of speculative new homes for Francisco Lindor.

Indians News

These AL Central defenders can do it all – In this week’s American League Central notebook – the players who are a step above the rest in the category of defense:

When Will the Indians Trade Francisco Lindor – and to Who? – The Indians have a huge question to answer about their franchise player, Francisco Lindor. As he gets closer and closer to free agency, many think that the team will eventually deal him to the highest bidder.

Terry Pluto on baseball’s latest negotiations and why you should expect an agreement sooner rather than later (podcast) – cleveland.com – Terry Pluto joins the Cleveland Baseball Talk Podcast to share his thoughts on baseball’s latest return talks.

A Conversation with 1990s Slugger Reggie Jefferson | FanGraphs Baseball – Reggie Jefferson left Cleveland for Seattle in the…

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