July 24, 2021

Ron Guidry went from unwanted underdog to Yankees’ ace (Pinstripe Alley)

One of the best pitchers of the 1970’s and 80’s received little attention and no coddling on his rise to the major leagues. The positive words of a minor league manager were enough to get him to the majors, but fell on deaf ears when read by and ignored by his major league superior. Ron Guidry was forced to over come the obstacles placed on him by a manager who did not want him on the team during his first two seasons. Guidry emerged as an underdog, and cemented himself in the Yankees record books over his exceptional career.

Ron Guidry was not a complete unknown out of the gate, as the Yankees used a third round draft pick on him as he was coming out of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1971. Once in the Yankees system, his path to the major leagues was slow and arduous. With only one pitch at his disposal and playing on bad teams, Guidry was far from a sure thing.

The Yankees apparently shared this view on Guidry, as they asked him to become a reliever in 1974. This was in part because he was not considered one of the five best options in the Double-A West Haven Yankees rotation. Must of had some great arms you say? Only three other pitchers from that team…

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