July 28, 2021

Sara’s Diary, Day 72 without baseball: Fridays at Wrigley Field (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

Listening to John Benedeck practice the organ last Friday at Wrigley Field was easily one of the best hours I’ve had in months. I was talking about it with my friend Ken Schultz who wished he had been there, so earlier this week we made tentative plans to show up at Wrigley Field on Friday on the off chance that it might happen again. We were in luck, but before I get into yesterday evening’s concert I want to talk about how momentous of an occasion this was for both of us.

Ken and I both live alone a little less than three miles away from each other. He was the last person I hung out with before Chicago’s stay at home order went into effect, and we had plans to hang out the next week that both of us agreed had to be cancelled. We just couldn’t figure out how to eat dinner safely together in March. Yesterday’s planned meet up isn’t the first time I’ve seen friends during the pandemic, but it is the first time either of us made plans to see another person in advance and I cannot stress enough how many elements of this had to come together for us to agree to it.

A socially…

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