July 28, 2021

The “It Could Be Worse!” Silver Lining Report (Athletics Nation)

No, with regard to the pesky corona virus it couldn’t be a whole lot worse, not if you try to keep track of fatalities or unemployment numbers, both of which probably rose during the time it took me to type this sentence.

But this is a baseball blog, so we get to focus in on some of the ways in which things “could be worse, but aren’t” in our current baseball landscape.

Let’s start with the horror that has been no baseball from March 26th through at least the end of June. There are many scenarios that could have played out, or could play out, that haven’t or hopefully won’t.

One is that the A’s were poised to be highly competitive in 2020, and it is not difficult to envision a scenario in which circumstances — tied with the Astros in September or a deep post-season run — forced the team to overlook the possible risks and go “all in” with the innings load for Jesus Luzardo and A.J. Puk. Perhaps the baseball gods are protecting those platinum arms by maxing out their potential workload at half a season plus the playoffs.

Of course concerns may still lie ahead as pitchers scramble to get ready for a shortened season, try to create a “spring training…

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