July 28, 2021

2020 Draft Preview No. 8: The College Ceiling Report (Viva El Birdos)

I watched The Last Dance. It was…fine. You know what you should watch instead? The History of the Seattle Mariners. Trust me, it’s much better.

Anyway, let’s look at some more June draftees. Today’s uniting theme is that of college players with extremely high ceilings, regardless of their potential risks. Basically it’s three players I find interesting and decided to cram together in one post rather than waiting for them to come up separately in other demographics, although I would still say that if you’re looking for true high-risk, high-reward college guys this June, these are them.

Also, everyone who didn’t vote for Keith Hernandez sucks. You know who you are. And you suck.

Garrett Mitchell, OF, UCLA

6’3”, 204 lbs

Bats/Throws: Left/Right

DOB: 4th September 1998

So, what’s so great about this guy?

If you’re looking for the best pure athlete in the 2020 draft, it just might be Mitchell. There are a few players who may be a bit faster. There are a few who are bigger and stronger. There are some with better throwing arms, and some who show more natural ability to make contact. What there isn’t, though, is another player who brings all of those…

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