July 25, 2021

An update on what some Yankees are doing during the shutdown (Pinstripe Alley)

It’s been 73 days since Major League Baseball announced the suspension of spring training and the delaying of Opening Day. Although no official activities have occurred in quite some time, players throughout the league have continued to keep loose. Let’s check back in and see what some Yankees have been up to.

Gleyber Torres

It’s never a bad time to bust out the grill and throw on your chef’s hat. Gleyber Torres took advantage of the nice weather last weekend and grilled up some lobster tails and they look delicious. Anyone hungry?


Aaron Hicks

The center fielder had Tommy John surgery in October of last year, but it seems like he’s starting to work his way back to normal. Here’s a few videos of Hicks working out and taking a hack in the batting cage.


Luis Severino

Speaking of an injured player who is working their way back, Luis Severino was featured on the official Yankees’ Twitter page as he gave us an…

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