July 25, 2021

How the Yankees will employ their bullpen in a shortened season (Pinstripe Alley)

With the prospect of a shortened season becoming a more real possibility with every passing day, the picture of what such a season would look like becomes clearer. Chief among the major changes to the format of baseball are the proposed 82-game regional schedule, a universal DH, an expanded 30-man active roster, a 20-player “taxi squad”, a 14-team postseason beginning in October, and a 50/50 revenue split for owners and players.

These adaptations pose a myriad of changes to the strategies teams may employ and the baseball being played. The regional leagues of division rivals and geographical neighbors vastly cuts back on travel, however a condensed window in which to play games cut truncate the number of off days. The universal DH and expanded rosters reduce the regular season workload for pitchers, but the expanded postseason could mean greater usage.

The Yankees are not immune to the ripples of this proposal. A regional schedule means more games against two of the better teams in the league in the Rays and Red Sox. The expanded rosters gives guys like Clarke Schmidt a chance to shine on the big stage and guys like Rosell Herrera another shot to stick on the big league…

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