July 28, 2021

Jesse Chavez, the most traded player in MLB (Athletics Nation)

On Thursday, MLB Trade Rumors ran an interesting post about the most-traded players in MLB. They were looking at the current field, not all of history, so the exercise only included anyone who appeared in the majors in 2019. And they were only interested in trades, not other types of transactions like waiver claims or free agent signings.

The top of the list ended up being a familiar name to Oakland A’s fans: pitcher Jesse Chavez. He’s been dealt eight times in his career, edging out a pair of runners-up at seven trades each — outfielder Cameron Maybin, and another former Athletics pitcher in Edwin Jackson, who himself holds the all-time record for playing with the most different teams. Yet another former A’s pitcher, Tyler Clippard, is tied for fourth place at six trades.

As for Chavez, he was already halfway toward his career total before he even arrived in Oakland eight years ago. Most of his trades came when he was a young prospect with intriguing stuff, as he was promising enough to be worth taking a chance on but not so hot as to be indispensable. Here’s a look at his journey.

Trade #1

When: July 2006
From: Rangers to Pirates
For: Kip Wells

Chavez was drafted…

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