July 25, 2021

The best Cubs by uniform number: 50 through 59 (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

Pitchers, a few bench players, some September callups, some blasts from the past… we run the gamut in the 50s.

Just another reminder that you can read stories behind many of these numbers in “Cubs By The Numbers,” by Kasey Ignarski, Matt Silverman and me, a fun look through the history of our favorite franchise’s jersey digits. An updated version of the book came out in 2016. Get yours here.

And one more time: For pitchers, only their WAR while pitching is considered.

50: Just one Cubs player wore this number for more than three seasons, and he tops the No. 50 list… Les Lancaster, who was better than you remember, 7.1 bWAR.

51: Versatile infielder/outfielder Augie Galan wore this number for two seasons (1935-36) and posted 8.0 bWAR in those two years. 1940s outfielder Ival Goodman is next best at 2.0 and reliever Terry Adams is third with 1.4.

52: Justin Grimm, who was a good reliever for a while, wound up on top here at 1.0 bWAR for his four Cubs seasons. Reggie Patterson, a righthander from 1983-85, had 0.8.

53: Johnny Schmitz, who pitched for the Cubs from 1941-42 and 1946-51, had 16.2 bWAR wearing No. 53 from ‘46 through ‘51 (and negative bWAR in the other…

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