July 25, 2021

The possibility and perils of MLB games in 2020 (Purple Row)

Can MLB and the MLBPA make a deal by June 1? | Purple Row

We don’t often do this but I’m going to go ahead and bend the rules a bit. Jeff Passan of ESPN had one of his trademark 20 Questions columns go up on Saturday morning and it is a doozy. It’s worth the 8-12 minutes it would take you to read the whole thing BUT I’m going to link to our own Renee Dechert’s write up because she does such a great job summarizing the primary takeaways and tosses out a few things well worth discussing. In short, the window to make a deal happen is small and closing fast, and there’s a decent chance that both players and owners would be highly motivated to make something happen and be willing to flex a little. Here’s hoping!

One thing that Renee didn’t touch on (partially because Passan only briefly mentioned it and it’s probably worth an entire article on its own) is what the games could look like if a number of players opt out. Players who have underlying health concerns or who have family members who do will be given the option (or so it seems at this point) to not play in whatever 2020 games happen while still accruing service time. This is something Rockies players like…

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