July 26, 2021

The top four relievers versus the Yankees in the last three years (Pinstripe Alley)

Over the last several days, I have been profiling the Yankee killers in each role. Beginning with hitters and starting pitchers, I now wrap up with the relief pitchers who the Yankees just cannot seem to hit.

You hate to see these relievers enter in close game, high-leverage situations. More times than not, they strand their inherited runners or close out the game without the Yankees putting up much of a fight.

As with my analysis of starting pitchers, I am using FIP to rank relief pitchers’ success against the Yankees. FIP’s ability to measure individual contribution (unlike how ERA can be skewed by defense) as well as ease of comprehension make it well-suited for such a purpose. I will also set the minimum innings threshold to 12, roughly simulating around four appearances per season, to limit the pool of relievers to those who consistently thwart Yankees hitters.

Roberto Osuna – 0.77 FIP in 15.0 innings pitched

Osuna has been far and away the best reliever against the Yankees since 2017. Yankees hitters have only three hits and two walks against him in the last three years, batting a pathetic .063/.100/.063 without managing a single run.

How has the Houston righty…

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