July 26, 2021

Underrated Boston Red Sox by decade: The modern years (Over the Monster)

If you’ve been reading the site all week, you know it’s been underrated player week at SB Nation. We spent the last few days looking at the most under appreciated players from the four most recent World Series clubs, as well as some of our own personal under appreciated players. Many of those players skewed towards the more recent, though, so I thought I’d use the weekend to look at the entire history of the team. On Saturday and Sunday I’ll go decade by decade looking for the most underrated player for each ten-year stretch. Now, I am not a baseball historian and don’t know exactly how these players were rated in their times, so know that these are not scientific answers. My only rule is that they cannot be in the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Other than that, it’s based entirely on feel. Also, a decade is defined by the year ending in zero to the year ending in nine. For example, the 1900s are 1900-1909. Today’s we finish up with the 1960s through the 2010s.



Félix Mantilla, UTIL

Continuing with our theme from yesterday, our first underrated player for the “modern era” is another guy who spent most of his career playing for a team other than the…

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