July 25, 2021

12 Great things about the underdog 2012 Oakland A’s (Athletics Nation)

This past week’s theme on SB Nation was underdogs, and the Oakland A’s are as familiar with that role as just about any team in sports. With their low payrolls and aging ballpark, they operate at a perpetual disadvantage compared with their rivals, and even in their own home market they’re only the second-most popular team. The literal book about them is a story of overcoming long odds to achieve unexpected success.

Perhaps no A’s season better illustrates this underdog mentality than 2012. Sure, the 2002 squad is immortalized in a Hollywood movie about this exact topic, but the dirty secret about that team was that they were still loaded with stars even after losing a few to free agency. The 2012 A’s were supposed to be terrible, and instead they won their division.

Entering the season, the 2012 A’s were a popular pick to finish in last place. Even our own AN staff predicted they’d lose 90 games. They’d just done one of their periodic sell-offs, trading away three All-Star pitchers in Trevor Cahill, Gio Gonzalez, and Andrew Bailey from a team that lost 88 games the previous year, and their biggest offseason addition was an international free agent who had…

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