July 25, 2021

Colorado Rockies news: Negotiations expected to continue this week (Purple Row)

MLB plans to offer an alternative proposal to players on salaries | The Athletic ($)

Player salaries seem to be a large hindrance in recent conversations about MLB returning in 2020. In recent weeks the discussion about a revenue-sharing system were harshly criticized. It seems like right now discussions between MLB and the MLBPA are at standstill, but there is a meeting scheduled between the two on Tuesday.

The league agreed to pay pro-rated salaries back in March, and the question on if that will be upheld remains unanswered. MLB is expected to propose a different plan, likely negating the original agreement entirely. Players want to get paid. Owners and teams don’t want to lose a lot of money, claiming cash-flow problems are a major issue. Fans miss watching sports, players miss playing and owners are hoping for some income. The discussions continue, with hopes of coming to an agreement soon for everyone involved.

One of the potential options is deferring salaries to the 2021 season, and while that would seem ideal for players, it would likely just elongate the financial issues for ownership. The alternative plan being proposed on Tuesday could be a win for both sides,…

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