July 25, 2021

CPBL Update, May 17 to May 23: Monsoon SZN (Amazin’ Avenue)

As regular From Complex to Queens listeners know, we’ve decided to start following a CPBL team in the absence of Mets baseball for the foreseeable future. We picked a team and will post updates on how they’re doing over in Taiwan. Why the Uni-President Lions?

  • Tainan City, home of the Lions, is one of the oldest and largest cities in Taiwan
  • Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium is directly under the flight path of airplanes flying in and out of the nearby Tainan Airport.
  • The team has talent and looks good on paper but has been thwarted time and time again in the last few years by poor on-the-field field management and front office executive decisions.
  • Employed in their organization at one time or another former player and SNY analyst Nelson Figueroa, Columbia Fireflies pitching coach Jerome Williams, former manager Mickey Callaway, and Generation K member Bill Pulsipher.

Sounds like the Mets to me!

May 17 (10-16)

CTBC Brothers 19, Uni-President Lions 9 (BOX)

Every one of Tzu-Chien Shih’s starts this season have been tight-rope walks, as he allows a lot of hits, and in this one, things fell off the rails. Brothers starter Mitch Lively wasn’t exactly lights out either,…

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