July 26, 2021

Cup o’ Joe, side o’ dough: The business talk, it never ends (South Side Sox)

Hey, first off, to Trooper and all our other active and former military personnel here, thank you for your service. You put a lot at risk for the rest of us.

Predicting Every MLB Team’s Starting Lineup and Rotation in 2022
Joel Reuter, Bleacher Report

What will the MLB landscape look like by the time the 2022 season arrives? It’s a fun hypothetical to explore with numerous stars ticketed for free agency during the next two offseasons. Among them are Francisco Lindor, Kris Bryant, Max Scherzer, Trevor Story, Javier Baez, George Springer, Carlos Correa, Noah Syndergaard, J.T. Realmuto and Trevor Bauer.

In this thought exercise, Michael Kopech is our closer and one of the players listed above is on the White Sox. You might not be excited about who it is.

The clock is ticking on 2020 MLB season talks. Here’s what could make a deal work — or fall apart
Jeff Passan, ESPN

The long-awaited proposal from MLB on an economic plan for this year will be sent to the union early next week, multiple sources briefed on the league’s intentions told ESPN. The posturing and preening of the past two weeks will subside and give way to a more productive fight — the sort that answers the ultimate…

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