July 28, 2021

MLB news: Why most fans have turned against commissioner Rob Manfred (Fish Stripes)

Manfred’s biggest test yet

The Marlins have a measly .429 winning percentage since Rob Manfred took the reigns from Bud Selig as MLB commissioner, fourth-worst in the majors. However, that shouldn’t engender any animosity towards him specifically. In general, Manfred’s decisions have actually been far more helpful than harmful to the Fish during that span.

In one of his first public appearances as commissioner, Manfred announced Marlins Park as home of the 2017 MLB All-Star Game. He approved the $1.2 billion sale of the franchise to the Bruce Sherman/Derek Jeter ownership group, and he hasn’t interfered with any of their subsequent rebuilding transactions (despite the sometimes ugly optics). The first collective bargaining agreement negotiated under Manfred has discouraged big-market teams from spending excessively on international amateur free agency and their major league payroll, closing the talent gap between them and the Marlins. Also with the commish’s support, their stadium was set to host the next World Baseball Classic…before COVID-19 complicated the situation.

But make no mistake: fans of the Marlins—and every other club—will despise Manfred if he…

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