July 24, 2021

On Dr. Bobby Brown, a hero beyond his Yankees days (Pinstripe Alley)

We use the word “hero” across a variety of situations. That title, at different times, can identify an athlete, a first responder, a soldier, or a medical professional. At the height of the Yankees’ dynasty, stretching from the late 1940s through the early 1950s, they had a third baseman who would check all of those boxes in Dr. Bobby Brown.

Brown moved around as a child, living in Seattle and New Jersey before arriving in San Francisco for high school. A star student athlete, at the same high school that saw Joe DiMaggio and his brothers pass through its halls, he caught the eye of college coaches and major-league scouts with his impressive skills on the baseball field.

In 1941, the rising star participated in tryouts for the Reds, Tigers, Yankees, and Dodgers before heading to Stanford University. While studying pre-med, Brown earned the Coast Guard Silver Lifesaving Medal after a Naval aircraft returning from an anti-submarine patrol crashed in the Pacific Ocean.

Brown was on the beach when the plane crashed and reportedly said, “We could see the one person floating in the water. He wasn’t moving so we knew he need help.” It was estimated by Brown and…

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