July 28, 2021

Overlooked Cardinals for the Cardinals Hall of Fame (Viva El Birdos)

On Friday, the Cardinals announced its three new members of the Cardinals Hall of Fame. Given the choices available, it was not a great list, although everyone inducted would probably have made it eventually. The best choice was not chosen by the fans, which makes sense if you’ve ever seen a starting All-Star team. Bill White, who to be fair wasn’t even an option on the poll, was a Cardinal 1B for seven seasons. Tommy Herr was the longtime starting 2B for the Whiteyball 1980s teams and John Tudor was the ace pitcher for a shockingly short amount of time for the Cards.

Of White’s seven seasons, four of them are All-Star caliber, and two of them were below average, but only barely and he didn’t actually play in a full slate of games in either season. His 24.8 career fWAR ranks 27th among Cardinals hitters in MLB history. The only people ahead of him who aren’t already in the Cards Hall are players who played before World War I, Matt Holliday who hasn’t been eligible yet, and a player I will mention later but who you can probably guess. Oddly enough Bill White, 86-years-old, doesn’t seem to think he deserves it, although he also mentions he didn’t have…

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