July 28, 2021

Rays Your Voice: Historical Build-A-Lineup with Jim Turvey (D Rays Bay)

When baseball returns, you’ll hear me gripe and praise (sometimes simultaneously) the lineup decisions made by Kevin Cash every week on this show. It’s part of baseball.

Brandon Lowe should hit second! Give Meadows more games in the leadoff spot! Send Joey Wendle back to Durham! (These aren’t necessarily my opinions, but I’ll definitely shout stuff like this at my TV throughout the year.)

Needing someone to debate lineup decisions with while we still have no baseball, I invited Jim Turvey back on the podcast this week to do just that. Back in December Jim built an all-time Rays lineup, with their dollar value equal to the WAR they accumulated in a Rays uniform. Then a couple weeks ago, he came back and put together another lineup, but based on the single season performances of Rays players.

This one caught my eye, so I put together a lineup of my own and got Jim back on the show. I must preface this by saying Jim and I are putting together our favorite, not necessarily best Rays lineups of all time, based on single-season performances with a budget of $35. $1 equals 1 win above replacement (using rWAR).

I’m pretty sure Jim was throwing most other statistical…

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