July 25, 2021

SnakePit Round Table: Negotiating Negotiations (AZ Snakepit)

So, how’s it going…

ISH95: Pretty good. Opening my dining room went as well as can be expected. This weekend was supposed to be Phoenix Comicon (and my annual dud of a PYWs prompt of what would each Dbacks player cosplay as lol). Kept some of the time off, though, and Hannah and I went to the drive in theatre they set up at SRF to see Joker, and then spent today hanging up all of our autographs from last year’s Comicon.

Makakilo: I’m happy and strongly optimistic. I am busy.

  • With much excitement, I started two articles for this website. Hopefully they will be as fun to read as they are to write!
  • Most days, whenever it fits my schedule, I do Zumba classes on-line. This week, I very much enjoyed exercising with car-wash music.
  • This week, I downloaded a chess app to my phone. I solved 185 chess problems and then practiced playing the app. Eschewing the top levels, I set the app’s skill level to make-the-game-interesting and allow-me-to-make-a-dazzling-sequence-of-moves. It was fun for a few days, but I enjoy other things more.

Jack: Working on a little project for the site, slowly. I get distracted easily. ;).

Turambar: Pretty solid. Still job hunting,…

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